On-Demand Lawn Mowing 

LawnMowing.com is a developmental stage company set to compete in the ‘Uber of Lawn Mowing’ industry.


There are currently 4 ‘Uber of Lawn Mowing’ competitors/apps that mow over 200,000 lawns each, with the leader mowing over 800,000 lawns. Lawn mowing can now be quoted in real-time online and the leader in the space is about to unicorn.


Investors in the space include Masa Son’s Vision Fund 2, the founder of Home Advisor, the ex CEO of Angie’s List, Barbara Corcoran, Joe Montana, Gary Vaynerchuk, several lawn mower manufacturers, and 20+ venture capital firms. 


LawnMowing.com should provide a significant competitive advantage acquiring reoccurring lawn mowing customers from the search engines for tens-of-thousands of English speaking cities and towns. Other competitors include TaskEasy, LawnStarter, LawnLove, YourGreenPal, PlowzandMowz, LawnGuru, and others.  


Business Development

We are currently looking at M&A and VC deals. We are also looking for a CEO/CTO team who can execute a city-by-city nationwide rollout. We are the domain holders of LawnMowing.com/.net /.org/.biz/.co/.guru and 30+ of the random others that all point to LawnMowing.com. Contact us on Linkedin